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House Engineers:

Nigel Pavao -

Nigel’s fascination with recording started in 1988 when he found himself “home schooled” with a tape deck, VCR, and a reverb tank.  After that brief period of social isolation he was hooked on recording.  In 1998 he was inspired by engineer and friend Ross Cruz to live the dream. Nigel has been engineering and mixing music ever since. 

For more information about Nigel go here.
If you would like to hear his recording and mixing reel, he’d be happy to send you one.

Here are some of the musicians He’s either recorded or mixed:  Chapin Sisters, Dame Satan, Jolie Holland, El Olio Wolof, Low Red Land, 1234’s, Judith and Holofernes, Matt Bauer, El Capitan, Gerret Peirce, The Wax Fire, last of the blacksmiths…

Liam Nelson -

Liam Nelson started recording bands in 1996 when he and his friend Shannon Ferguson first installed there 1/2” 8 track in a barn outside Petaluma. Flanked by several abandoned limousines, the rubble of a few collapsed structures, and a friendly yet menacing gaggle of “insomniacs,” they set about recording friends and local bands. Eventually, the entire operation was moved to Brooklyn, where the 8 track finally died irreparably, it has since been made into a coffee table.

Liam has had the recent pleasure of working with Meric Long (AKA The Dodos), Falcon, LSD and the Search for God, and many others including but not limited to The Dying Californian, of which he’s a member. If none of those bands ring a bell, know that somewhere in there he’s also recorded or mixed side projects featuring members of Death Angel, Sun Kill Moon, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Longwave.

Dayshift and Nightshift taco truck on site.