-- Monday July 7th, 2008
The last several months have brought everything from accordions and Italian love songs to Marshall stacks and chugging riffs.I just wrapped up an excellent selection of cover songs with the very talented Richmond Kings, a great band featuring folks from Rhino Bucket and the Flaming Groovies-- talk about rock pedigree.  Tom and Nico have been in and out of the studio as we chip away at they're upcoming full length. Hod has been up several times, leaving the soothing environs of his Santa Cruz compound to record an excellent selection of new songs for Sap Moon. And last but not least, we are very nearly done with the new Mudsoc album, which we'll likely hand off to Tim Alexander for mastering.

- Liam

-- Saturday February 2nd, 2008

Liam just finished a week of mixing with Astralingua their excellent debut features an amazing cast of musicians and was a pleasure to mix. Mastering went down at Hyde Street with Mike Wells. LSD and The Search for God have been in with Liam on and off, they should be cutting vocals any time now on what we humbly suggest might their best work yet.

Additionally, our good pals Meric and Logan in The Dodos just released an online single which was recorded here with Jeff and Liam some time back. We'll let you know when we figure out which webzine is hosting the thing-- cuz it's came out really nice. Maybe Meric will let us now when he comes back from tour in 2035.

Also, look for a new 7" from The Rantouls soonish on chocolate covered records. Tracked to tape at Zila by Jeff, Liam came in at the end and helped mix a few songs as well.

Which is also kinda what happened with Desert Shore, although they did some additonal tracking offsite with our new friend, the illustrious Aaron Prellwitz. Liam came into the fold towards the end to help track vocals and mix several tunes marathon style, finishing just in time to ship Phil off to Europe (playing guitar for Sun Kill Moon no less) with a minty fresh Desert Shore CD-R in his hot little hands. Don't it make ya feel cosmopolitan just readin' 'bout it!

- Saleem

-- Wednesday January 21, 2008

2007 sure was an inspiring year, being involved in making such wonderful albums.

El Olio Wolof will be coming out with their album in the next couple months.  The week we spent at Zilla together was like being in a magical storybook.  You can check out their music here.

Dame Satan's "Beaches and Bridges" will be out in a few months. This album has some of the most spaced out beautiful jams Zilla has seen to date. You can hear some of that here.

In November Marabelle Phoenix came in here light hearted and excited.  So damn fun. You can listen to those recordings here.  

Looking forward to a new year of music and recording!

- nigel

-- Friday June ...wait...Saturday June 16, 2007

The 4 Ch. Spectrasonics preamp is finally in action....thanks to Liam and Jeff! Sounds like it should sound....solid.

So we have some good people coming in to visit us in the next couple of months. LSD and the search for God will peel the paint off our walls next week. Then, Dame Satan and Low Red Land will paint the walls blood red. Nigel will be in Ireland and Liam will be in Oakland. Ummm...is Saleem in Costa Rica? And Jeff has found and lost love in the fog.

There is a new liquor store near the studio as of a few weeks ago. It's called BevMo or something like that. Who cares, except they do have all those tasty microbrews we love so much and they're right around the corner. We also recently found out that the casino's kitchen is open 24hr and it's right down the street. Yep, liquor and cards just a block away. Off we go.......

-- Friday April 27, 2007

We just wrapped up a week-long session with El Olio Wolof, who are a wonderful band and good people from Merced. Nigel will be mixing this one and we'll keep you updated on it's release date. We're always working on improving our equipment and are currently doing some work on our Ampex MM1200 and our newly aquired Otari MTR-10II-C 1/4" 2-track. We're also enjoying our new Kustom 2-15" cab and a couple of sweet JBL E140's. Thanks to Pete from The Hacks. Our buddy Ted from Mudface and Death Angel is making all the girls cry at the Pulp Summer Slam in Manila. That's it for now......back to the Warriors game!!! Remember...long shots equal long rebounds.

-- Wednesday March 23, 2007

Welcome folks, to our new site.  We've had some exciting sessions this year with more on the horizon.  With the addition of engineers Liam Nelson and Nigel Pavao the studio has now graduated to full time.  You can go here for audio samples. 

Until next time, Jeff, Saleem, Liam, and Nigel